Sunday, July 18, 2010

(I) Zombie Matt!

This week my friend and co-blogger Matt joins Rick, JD and me in Zombie Town. Check out the GooBlog for more information, or to check out all the other cool stuff we've been doing.

(GD) Summer Song

A logo for a summer house in Maine.

Friday, July 9, 2010

(I) S is for Seahorse!

Careful observers will note- perhaps with outrage- that there's already an "S" design in the B is for Baby canon. This one was a commission for some friends and their new baby, which apparently looked like a tiny seahorse in her first sonogram. This design, along with all the others- now there are 15!- is available at the B is for Baby Cafepress store as well as the Spreadshirt T-Shirt site.

(OPP) Travis Louie

Some beautiful creatures from my latest discovery, Travis Louie. Check out his site by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

S.O.F.A. 3 - Now on YouTube!

"S.O.F.A. 3: The Test" is the latest video from the Non-Permanent Parliament, the comedy short film side of my artistic endeavors. The S.O.F.A. series follows a woman who has entered a kind of witness protection program to live without the gays she so loves being with. In this installment, our heroine must undergo a test in her new group therapy. Check out the video by clicking HERE, and please rate, comment and pass it along- you can even subscribe to my videos!