Tuesday, April 29, 2014

(I) Thank You, 5A!

It's the end of another semester of clinicals, our semester-long hospital rotation. This semester, nine of us were at SF General for our Med-Surg I clinicals, with my team of three assigned to Unit 5A. It's my third semester, and definitely my best in terms of feeling comfortable, learning a shit ton, and liking the nurses I worked with. There's just no good way to properly thank a team of nurses for being open to having students - it just makes a world of difference, working under professionals that actually want to teach you. The above illustration is a poster design that we put up in the break room, along with an ample supply of coffee.

Thank you 5A, and see you next semester for Med-Surg II! Woot!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Win some, lose some... (I)

Not every project works out the way you hope. I made this at a request from a friend who told me to do whatever, which means I put her and her friend in a horror/suspense film context. She didn't get the reference, so she didn't use the image. Ah well - I like it anyway. Do YOU get the reference?