Saturday, June 22, 2013

Viva LOVE! (I)

I like to pretend I'm not into love, that my little black heart doesn't even register that kind of thing, but secretly - and I want this kept strictly on the way down low - I'm a sucker for people pairing up (or whatever your particular algebra is in your relationship) and committing to each other. And sure, sometimes I feel like that little crippled kid in the Pied Piper story that can't quite keep up with the rest of the group and gets left out of Candy Mountain, or the last unicorn that can't get on the ark 'cause Noah's all like, "Listen, we're doing couples, dum-dum," but mostly I just feel a very quiet joy when people I care about find people they care about.

This image was for a card I made for two of the most wonderful men I know and their recent engagement. Congratulations, my friends - I wish you all the happiness you can possibly cram into your lives!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waterman (GD)

I designed this image for a t-shirt celebrating my epic brother's participation in the most recent Surfabout competition in our home town. I like that's it a picture of my brother taken by my dad and put on a t-shirt by me, so we all come together in that way. Want one? BUY ONE!