Tuesday, July 31, 2012

(OPP) Eric Canete

Do you know Eric Canete? Check out his blog by clicking HERE. He's incredible.

(I): New stuff at the GooBlog

The last thing I posted from my blog with Matt, My Black Dad, was my lovely tribute to my best friend, my bicycle. Below is some new stuff I've done recently, which basically comprises all the illustration work I've done since then. Click on the pictures to read more about each post!

You should also check out all the brilliance that is Matt Gaydos, both at our blog and at his new site, Mister G Kids, a collection of illustrated moments from his career as a substitute teacher in L.A. They are incredible, and Matt's burning away on them, publishing pretty much every day.

(V) UPDATE: New Videos on YouTube!

Looks like the last video I posted was last year's Rest Stop 2 video. It also looks like Moebius' death was so traumatic I was unable to post anything since March! And there's been some things happening! So for those of you who haven't been obsessively checking my YouTube channel, here's a few links to the new stuff (click on the pictures to watch the videos):

Two new Morty's (and another coming soon!):

A new Zombie! starring my very good friend Marianne and all three of her brilliant kids:

And this year's AIDS/Lifecycle video, documenting life during our week-long adventure at Rest Stop 2:

Stay tuned for more videos coming soooooon!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

(I) K is for Kachina

Another day, another baby! This design is for my brand new niece, Kaiya Ventana Newman, born June 14th, 2011! She got her own special version of this design, but you can purchase this and many other baby products at my Cafepress store and my Spreadshirt store. Please email me if you'd like this or any design on a different product, or to commission a piece of your own!