Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014! (I)

So, there was some confusion this year for the people who received my holiday card. It's supposed to be Dickens' three ghosts of Christmas, not "Santa, some little dude on fire, and Death." Even the people who got the reference were still a little concerned. As someone tactfully texted: "Is the Ghost of Christmas Future supposed to have a scythe?" And no, he's not. I got a little carried away with the hood and the skull, and I didn't even notice until I'd sent them all out. I can only imagine what the folks at the Catholic school where I was volunteering thought. My bad, Christmas! Also, I typically go a bit more neutral with the imagery - next year I'll return to weird dudes and their cats floating in space. But I love this image - it wouldn't leave me alone - and I hope you do too.

From Owl_Henry to all of you out there, thank you for all your support. If you're reading this, I hope you're having a safe and happy holiday season, and I look forward to sharing more art with you in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Philly Love (I)

I made this as a thank-you for some translation work that a friend was nice enough to help me with. She didn't ask for any compensation, but I was so grateful I had to do something for her. So this is her and her girlfriend, on the Liberty Bell since they recently moved to Philly.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Goodbye, Dr. Stewart (I)

A commissioned piece for one of the founding doctors at my work, who recently retired. We miss you, Dr. Stewart!