Wednesday, October 2, 2013

She Creatures (I)

Another year, another show poster project for my high school teacher friend! This year she's directing a play called, She Creatures, and my main objective for the poster was "KEEP IT SIMPLE!" I have a real problem with this, year after year. Last year's blowout for Dr. Horrible was a lot of drawing, a lot of layers, a lot of time spent. My own fault - I have a specific vision, but I don't work very fast, and there's probably shortcuts I could be using in Photoshop. The big nightmare was Midsummer a few years ago - man, that was epic. But ultimately, I was really, really happy with both of those.

She Creatures is a somewhat abstract piece involving various mythological creatures climbing out of Pandora's famous box into their individual vignettes. A phoenix, a gorgon, a sphinx, a shapeshifter, a dragon, a selkie, a unicorn, and a mermaid all have their uniquely-realized scenes. I made the beasts into primitive cave drawings, which I think makes them more mysterious - a sense of the familiar and unfamiliar at once. The light bursts around them make them look a little like constellations, and I like that (unplanned) aspect of the piece. The background photo is a room in my mom's house, a bright red wall that felt right, and the box is actually a fancy tea container. I love this design - simple and eye-catching. Boom.

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