Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Morty: Life in Quarantine (V)

Morty's back! After a five year break, Sir Mortimer returns - just in time to Shelter in Place!

For those of you just meeting Sir Huddlesworth, some background: twenty years ago, I got to play Hamlet in a small production in New York state. One of the actors knew a producer of the Laurence Olivier film, and when I met said producer after the show, he said to me, "You remind me of a young Laurence have a WAYS to go..." It was such a perfect thing to say, in so many ways, and as I told the story to various geniuses, we began to riff on that quote until it spun out into this old, grumpy character, a veteran of the theater with a variety of grudges, and fantastic experiences that may or may not be real, but who cares?

My first Morty video was made twelve years ago, as part of an application for the SF Sketchfest that year. I heard nothing back from the 'fest, but that experience of filming over the course of a long afternoon with two of my oldest friends became one of my most treasured memories, and it made me want to make more. This is Morty's 20th video! Woot.

This video is not meant, in any way, to diminish the experience of those struggling under the weight of Covid-19. As a frontline healthcare worker (an Emergency Department RN), I know firsthand the damage this disease has caused, the suffering both physical and mental. It is, however, important to find relief in joy, in shared experience. If this video brings a smile, my work here is done, and done with great pride.

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